Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CrossFit Workout - Thursday 03/03/11

Happy Birthday Jeff!  Guess how old he is, and the answer is not "3". Well, maybe Heather would say he is.

3 rounds for time of

37 calories on Concept2 rower
37 hand release pushup
37 jumping squat

Warmup: Trainer's choice
Cool down: Trainer's choice



Rick said...

thanks alot Jeff for giving up the birthday, you better be there tomorrow so we can cheer you on while you suffer!

Jeff said...

Only problem is there must have been a bit of miscommunication! My Birthday is Friday! But I will do this WOD for all of you on Friday when I am there!!! Thanks for remembering though!!!!

Anonymous said...

looks like a great workout - happy bday!

here's a great inspiring article...