Wednesday, May 25, 2016

CrossFit Workout - Thursday 5/26/16

Mini-Murph Chipper Prep, for time

1200M run(400x3) or 1500M row
100 squats
67 pushups
34 pullups
25 burpees

One time through, no  partitioning.

Warmup: 4 rounds of
25 jumping jacks
20 situps, any style
15 KB swings
5 KB goblet squats

Cool Down: Coach's Choice

We will have a choice between 3 workouts on Saturday, one being Murph(with two scaled options), or Jerry, or Webster.  Normal hours on Saturday.  No Open Gym on Sunday and one single 9:00am Workout on Memorial Day Monday, 5/30/16.  Doors open Monday at 9:00am with a 15 minute warmup, with a choice of several workouts including Murph in case you missed in Saturday.  If you do Murph on Saturday, you may not repeat on Monday.

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