Monday, July 13, 2015

CrossFit Workout - Tuesday 7/14/15

30 cycles, for time, of

1 power clean + 2 front squats  115lb/85lb

There is an 8 minute time cap for this workout.

Warmup and AfterWOD will be on the board.

Suggested additional strength work: Weighted pistols, 3-3-3-3-3 R & L

Goruck training:  Log carry, rain or shine.  You choose the distance

Wednesday Sneak Peek: Recovery WOD. 15 min amrap of jump rope and strict knees to elbows.

* In an effort to get you to be better prepared for workouts we are asking everyone to start warmups on the hour or half hour to help get your group ready to start together.  The morning shifts run like this and it works well, and we would like to see the same format in the PM workouts.  If you feel you need additional time to complete your warmup, it's fine to come a little early to get started, but you will wait until everyone else is ready to review the movements and check your form before the workout starts.  If you are running a little late, you can shorten your warmup and work in with your group.

** Back Room Strength Update:

Wednesday, 7/15/15, marks the first day for the Back Room Strength option for members who opt for this additional feature at CF Cleveland. For a nominal charge of $15 per month, Unlimited Members have access to dedicated lifting stations to be used before or after their WOD for additional strength work. This will also include additional specialty classes and Open Gym sessions as they are added to the schedule. The $15 rate will be locked in as long as you continue with no lapse in membership. New members joining after August 1st will be charged $35 per month for the Back Room Strength.

We will continue to maintain at least one available squat rack/cage in the warmup area for members who want to perform additional strength work like always. Nothing will change or be taken away from existing members.

The Back Room option provides additional space and lets you reserve a lifting station/platform in advance.  You'll also receive assistance with developing/choosing a strength routine to match your goals.  Personal Training options will be available for more personalized instruction for beginner/novice lifters.

Certain new rules will apply in The Back Room. Please see us at the box for more details.

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