Sunday, July 12, 2015

CrossFit Workout - Monday 7/13/15

"Rowing/Running Helen++"

5 rounds for time of

400 meters, running or rowing(alternating)
21 KB swing 55lb/36lb
12 pullups

You decide if you start with a run or row, then alternate for the remainder of the workout. That means you will do three rounds of either running or rowing and two rounds of the other choice.

Warmup:  3 rounds of
30 high knees
30 butt kickers
10 burpees
10 squats
5 - 1 inchworm into 2 pike pushups

Mobility:  Spend 5-7 minutes rolling out tight areas from the past week.

AfterWOD:  Coach's choice

Suggested additional strength work: Weighted plank holds, work up to maximum weight held for at least 1 minute

Goruck training:  Ruck the full WOD, or at least the 400 meters.

Tuesday Sneak Peek: Replay of 8/5/14, Power Cleans and Front Squats, but with an eight minute cap.

*** In an effort to get you to be better prepared for workouts we are asking everyone to start warmups on the hour or half hour to help get your group ready to start together.  The morning shifts run like this and it works well, and we would like to see the same format in the PM workouts.  If you feel you need additional time to complete your warmup, it's fine to come a little early to get started, but you will wait until everyone else is ready to review the movements and check your form before the workout starts.  If you are running a little late, you can shorten your warmup and work in with your group.

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