Sunday, December 25, 2016

CrossFit Workout - Monday 12/26/16

Limited Holiday Hours on Monday.

Jon and Christine have a doosie of a holiday workout planned, show up and see what's on the board.  Plenty of scaling options, so everyone can participate in the fun.

There will not be any early morning or afternoon/evening workouts today.  We will have two workouts today with doors opening at 9:00am.  The first group will start their warmup at 9:00am and start the WOD at 9:20am sharp.  The second group will start their warmup at 9:30am and start the WOD at approximately 10:00am.  We are expecting a large group for both workouts so please be prepared for a hectic morning and be patient while the coaches get everyone prepped. If you don't like a little craziness, go for a run instead.

We also have a Kickboxing class at 9:30am in the Back Room.  Beginners and first timers are welcome, $15. Unlimited members can give this new class a try for FREE today. It's a great way to sweat off your holiday cheer!

Sneak Peek for the Week:

Skill or strength:  Power snatch, practice or work up to a heavy single
WOD: DB floor press, pushup and goblet squat metcon
Wednesday: Deadlifts, heavy 5x5
plus a short conditioning WOD
Strength: Shoulder Press
WOD: Rowing & burpee recovery WOD
Friday:  D'over/Makeup Day

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