Thursday, December 1, 2016

CrossFit Workout - Friday 12/2/16

Strength: Incline DB bench press 5-5-5, 3x5

Skills:  Squat Therapy.
You'll work with several drills and mobility exercises to improve weak aspects of your squats.

Conditioning: Squat, situp & pushup ladder

Warmup: Rowing, ab work and floor presses

**We have a new Kickboxing class added to the schedule starting tomorrow(Friday 12/2) at 9:30am and again on Saturday at 9:30am. These new classes are run by Randy Leprevost, who is a longtime kickboxing instructor and past martial arts competitor. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:30am, and the 1st Saturday of every month. Available on a drop-in basis for $15 per class for anyone at any fitness level. Unlimited Members can attend for $5 per class, or free if you bring a friend. You'll get a full dose of cardio and learn to move like a champ!

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