Wednesday, January 13, 2016

CrossFit Workout - Thursday 1/14/16

Back Squat, find your 5 rep max

Record (in WODhopper) and memorize your 5 rep max, as this number will be used in the coming weeks for upcoming heavy squat workouts.  If you miss this today, this will be your workout the next time you are at the box.  By this time next week everyone will have established their current 5 rep max back squat.

Some days you squat heavy fresh and some days you squat heavy after a day or two of tough WODs.  If you did not do Wednesday's deadlift WOD,  you should be lseeking a PR today.  If you did Wednesday's WOD, don't be concerned if you don't hit a PR today.  Either way, your number will be valuable in determining the weight(s) you'll be using during the next 10-12 weeks for future back squat workouts.

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