Sunday, January 24, 2016

CrossFit Workout - Monday 1/25/16

** If you did not establish your 1RM deadlift or 5RM back squat last week, today is the day. If you did not do either, we will tell you which one you will do today.

No Clock Today - work on form and unbroken reps

7 complete rounds of each

wall ball shot - 15 unbroken reps
burpee - 10 unbroken reps

Peform as many sets as necessary to complete 7 complete rounds of unbroken reps of each exercise.  Choose the med ball weight to be able to complete all reps with full squat depth and target height of 10' for men and 9' for women. Burpees can be slow and steady, but no pause in movement is allowed to be considered an unbroken round.

Sneak Peak for the week:
Tuesday:  Deadlifts and pullups, strict
Wednesday:  Heavy back squats and DB floor presses
Thursdays:  All Kettlebell movements
Friday:  Turkish Get-ups and jump rope
Saturday:  Chipper

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