Sunday, October 2, 2016

CrossFit Workout - Monday 10/3/16

Starting the 4th quarter with a " No Clock" Week

Slow down and focus on perfect form and gaining optimal results/adaptations from each workout.

7 rounds of

15 reps, unbroken KB swing - American
10 reps, burpees with no pause during or between reps

Begin KB swings with a medium weight and increase only if you are reaching full overhead position and maintaining form at the bottom each swing.  Rest as need between rounds. Take a 200 to 400 meter run at least three times during your workout.  Record heaviest KB weight used for a full unbroken set.

Warmup: Row 1000 meters, run 500 meters, 100 jackknife sit-ups & 50 lunges, partition any way.
Cool Down:  Coach's Choice

Sneak Peek for the Week:
Tuesday:  Pyramid Fran
Wednesday:  Heavy ab/core work and single unders
Thursday:  Deadlifts & KB shoulder presses,  heavy
Friday:  Task List WOD, with lots of mats out, including our new pole vault crash mat.

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