Sunday, October 16, 2016

CrossFit Workout - Monday 10/17/16

Happy Birthday to Julie H.  It's anyone's guess as to how old she really is.  She won't say ;-)

4 rounds for time of

40 1-arm KB swing, alternating arms
40 ball slams
Begin the WOD with a 400M run and mix in 47 pushup-box overs any way you choose throughout the workout. Men 24" box, women 20" box. Record time to complete the entire batch of work.

You choose the weight for the KB swings. It should be 10-15 pounds lighter than your normal 2 arm KB swing.  Switch grip at the top of each rep.  20 right and 20 left for a total of 40 per rounds.

Warmup:  Partition any way, 65 calorie row, 60 bumper plate squats, 55 jacknife situps, 50 back extensions & 45 4-count flutter kicks.

Cool Down:  Choice, for time, of either 4x500M runs or run to the Dog Park and back.

Sneak Peek for the Week: Stealth Week.
You get Monday's and that's it.  Show up and see what you get.

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