Wednesday, April 6, 2016

CrossFit Workout - Thursday 4/7/16

4 rounds

Deadlift 5-3-1
jump over bar 4 reps after each set, two foot takeoff & two foot land.  Rest as needed between rounds.  Begin the 1st round at approximately 60% of your 1 rep max, the 2nd round at approximately 70% of your 1 rep max, the 3rd round at 80% of your 1 rep max and your 4th round at whatever weight you choose as long as form allows.

KB press - 1 arm, 5 reps R & L
To be performed after each round of deadlift 5-3-1s.  Increase weight to find 5 rep max with each arm.  Rest as needed between rounds.

Warmup: 3 rounds, 300 meter row, 20 high knees, 15 squats, 10 piked pushup, 5 deadlift(increasing weight)

Cool Down:  Coach's Choice

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