Wednesday, September 23, 2015

CrossFit Workout - Thursday 9/24/15

5 rounds of

deadlift, max reps in 1 minute  225lb-M/165lb-W
400 meter run

Record number of reps per round of deadlifts and overall time to complete the workout.  Maintain perfect form and full range of motion on all deadlift reps. No bouncing bar into the next rep and return the bar to the ground under control on all reps, no dropping from the top.  Rest as needed. Your 1 minute starts once the bar breaks from the ground on rep#1 of each round.  Time your own minute using the WOD clock.  Scale weight down to approximately 60-65% of your 1 rep max. The coaches on staff will help you select the proper weight based on your 1 rep max and experience level.

Warmup:  300M row, 15 sit-ups, 10 back extensions, 5 deadlifts, light increasing weight, 200 meter run x 3 rounds.

Cool Down:  Coach's Choice

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