Wednesday, September 9, 2015

CrossFit Workout - Thursday 9/10/15

5 to 7 rounds/cycles of the following

power clean - 1 rep
pause front squat - 2 reps
squat clean - 3 reps (1-1-1)
Rest 1-2 minutes

Kick up and hold a handstand for 30 to 60 seconds after each of your first five rounds. Increase weight to reach a heavy, but manageable weight.  Pause two full seconds at the bottom of each front squat. Do not increase weight unless your form is  solid and your depth is noticeable below parallel.  If you struggle with cleans and front squats, use this as strict practice.

Warmup: 300 meter row, 200 meter run, 10 pause goblet squats, 10 squat drops(pull downs) 30 second wrist stretch x 3 rounds.

Cool Down:  Coach's Choice

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