Monday, June 13, 2011

CrossFit Workout - Tuesday 06/14/11

Max rounds in 20 minutes of...

200 meter run
20 KB swing
20 wall ball
200 meter row

Complete the last round that you are able to start prior to the 20 minute time limit. Record the total number of rounds completed and your time.

Warmup: 25 mountain climbers (2-count), 25 v-situps and 25 DB thrusters, x 3 rounds
Cool Down:  Trainer's Choice



Alison said...

I did Monday 3 minutes max workout
Pullups 45
Plank Jacks 116
Squats 70
KTE 42
Pushups 47

Anonymous said...

I'm from germany and I do crossfit sinc nearly two weeks on myself with mostly your trainings!
My problem is that i could not undestand all acronyms like RX'D or so.
So i would please you if you could explain me in a short way the most acronyms.

It would be realy nice form me!

Good Luck for your training from germany!

Bill Russell - Crossfit Cleveland said...

Greeting Germany! I'm glad you like to follow our training. We have hundreds, if not thousands of people who follow our workouts in addition to the WODS on and other affiliate sites.

If you ever see something that you are not sure of, a google search of the term along with adding the word "crossfit" should give you the answer right away If you are unable to find the answer after a reasonable search, feel free to email me, using the address at the top of this page, and I will do my best to reply in a timely manner. Thanks, BR