Thursday, March 31, 2016

CrossFit Workout - Friday 4/1/16

For time

A. 500 reps - burpees
B. 2,000 reps - double unders
C. 6,000 reps - single unders
D. 9,000 meters - run
E. 12,000 meters - row

You can do all of one, half each of two, a third each of three, or a quarter each of four or a fifth each of all five. There will be a time cap, show up and see the limit.

* April is "Back to Basics" month, where we refocus on perfecting form and technique on all of our movements beginning with the first rep of the warmup.  If you fail to do your best to perform the best reps you are capable of, you will not be permitted to proceed to the WOD.  Slow down and move better.  Here's a good read from Lisbeth Darsh on the subject of shit reps.

** Yes, there is Open Gym today at 5:00pm.  You must RSVP on WODhopper by 4:00pm, use the link below.

*** Construction starts on our Olympic size pool in the east end of the parking lot tomorrow.  Frank Settoni, our resident concrete expert, promises that it will be completed by Memorial Day weekend for a special swimming version of Murph.

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