Monday, December 21, 2015

CrossFit Workout - Tuesday 12/22/15

max reps in 7 minutes of

double burpee box overs

You choose height of the box.  Minimum 24" for men, 18" for women.  Record total number of burpees completed in 7 minutes.  Perform two reps each time you cross over the box.

Warmup: CF Cleveland AB routine, 15 reps each x 5 rounds.
Skill/Power:  Snatch high pulls 5 sets of 5, increasing weight as form allows.  Keep bar speed fast.
Cool down:  On the Whiteboard

Tuesday is Day 99 for those of you still in the 100 Days of Suck Challenge.  Yes. these burpees count, you're welcome!  100 double unders on Wednesday and we are all done.  I will be doing 100 double unders with each group finishing Wednesday morning, afternoon and evening. You are all on your own for the 99 burpees, I'm not doing any extra ;-)

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