Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday 05/13/2009 W.O.D.

21-18-15-12 reps:

95lb deadlift
95lb hang power clean
95lb front squat
95lb jerk

Scale weight as needed


kevin laing said...

there is gonna be nothing pleasant about this WOD,not that there ever is

Dave S said...

ya it pretty much sucked... I had someone ask me how many more sets I was going to hog the rack, and response was... "it's gonna be a while"

Troy Bratz said...

nice comments guys!

What isn't stated in the info about the WOD was... set a timer for 20 mins and get through as much of the workout as possible in that time.

I got through the final round of 15 deadlifts before time expired (displayed as: 15 DL). I finished the final 3 exercises in the 15th round within 5 mins after the final time.