Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CrossFit Workout - Thursday 05/021/09

Warm up: 1000M Row*, 50 situps & 50 jumping jacks

*row hard/sprint between 400M-500M and 900M-1000M

WOD: 4 rounds for time of

25 wall ball shots - 20lb
15 pullups
400M run

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Cool down: handstand holds and L-sits/tucks, 2 minutes each total, as many broken sets as needed


Sean said...

As Rx'd (no somersaults), 19:10

9 Muscle-ups (926/2009)(See my workout log for my WODs and Muscle-up Challenge progress.)

Troy Bratz said...

As RX'd (with somersaults)= 20:20.
I rowed 500M each round instead of running 500M (still trying to get over this stress fracture).
*20lb Med ball
*Rower set on differ setting '10'

Cooldown: 2min 2sec Handstand Hold