Tuesday, May 5, 2009

CrossFit Workout - Wednesday 05/06/09

5 rounds of

15 reps - 1x bodyweight deadlift
5 reps - hanging KTE pullup
max reps - ring dips
rest 2-3 minutes

There is no time component to this workout. Record total # of ring dips to Comments. Hanging KTE pullup = knees to elbows, pullup, knees down, repeat. Scale to a jumping pullup then raising knees to elbows or tuck during the eccentric(downward) portion of the pullup.


Troy Bratz said...

5 rounds @ 205lb deadlifts (46 total dips)


Max LB Deadlift
225lb x 5reps
275lb x 3reps
315lb x 2reps
365lb x 1rep
415lb x 1rep
435lb x 1rep
New PR!

Anonymous said...

5 rounds at 155 (62 assisted dips)

4 muscleups