Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CrossFit Cleveland WOD- Wednesday 03/11/09

1x body weight dead lift - 15 reps
pushups - max reps
KTEs - max reps
2-3 minute rest

5 rounds. There is no time component to this workout. Perform each dealift rep with perfect form. Reduce weight if form breaks down.

Record max reps of pushups and KTEs to Comments


Sean said...

185 lb. Deadlift
Push-ups: 24-22-22-21-23
KTEs: 15-18-15-12-16

6 Muscle-ups (500/2009)

Troy Bratz said...

195 lb. Deadlift
Push-ups: 25-25-25-22-22
KTEs: 15-15-13-16-16

Bill Russell - Crossfit Cleveland said...

185lb deadlift
Pushups: 52-30-22-20-18

That sucked for everyone involved!