Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wednesday 07//18/07

CrossFit Warmup - 3 rounds, then

For time, 21-15-9 reps of

1x Body weight Deadlift
1/2x Body weight Push Press
1/2x Body weight Squat

If you don't have enough weights, increase reps indirectly proportional. i.e. if you only have 1/2 your body weight for the deadlifts, double the reps. Maybe my terms are wrong, but you get the idea.

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Sean said...


135-lb. dead lift
50-lb. push press
65-lb. squat (because I don't have a squat rack; safety first)

Anonymous said...


There was only a loaded 40lb barbell available when I had the chance to do this and also didn't have the time to double up.


bald mike said...

CFWUx1 + max pull-ups

205 lbs deadlift
100 lbs push press
100 lbs squat


Pukey showed up midway through the second push press set, I did not finsih.