Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday 7/12/07

Run for 3 minutes, drop for 30 seconds of pushups followed by 30 seconds of squats. Repeat.

5 rounds, 20 minutes overall. Finish with a handstand hold for 90 seconds.

Record distance covered, total number of pushups and squats, and the number of handstand attempts to get to a total 90 seconds. Post to comments.

Scale down-none. Suck it up.


Bald Mike said...

"Scale down-none. Suck it up."
-Love it!

2.06 miles
163 push ups
97 squats
65 seconds handstand (3 attempts)

29 yom/195lbs/5'10

Sean said...

1.68 miles
97 push-ups
102 squats
6 (wall) handstands for 90 sec. total

Still working hard to get to bald mike's level!

Anonymous said...


1.5 miles
95 push ups
113 squats

2 attempt wall assist handstand

I highly recommend a gymboss if you don't have one for this kind of workout.

40 f 164/5'6