Wednesday, June 15, 2016

CrossFit Workout - Thursday 6/16/16

AMRAP +1 in 12 minutes, for time.

20 cals on rower
15 strict pushup
10 DB snatch R&L

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes, then perform one more complete round(55 reps).  Example, if you are through 3 rounds plus all 20 calories at the 12 minute mark, you will continue and call time when you are at 4 rounds plus 20 calories.  You may partition the snatches any way you want, alternating R&L, 5R+5L+5R+5L, or 10R + 10L each round. Go heavy on the DBs, you choose the weight.  Recommended 30-50lbs for men, 20-40lbs for the ladies.

Warmup: CF Cleveland AB routine plus ball slams, 15 reps each x 4 rounds
Cool Down:  Coach's Choice

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