Sunday, February 21, 2016

CrossFit Workout - Monday 2/22/16

Deadlift 3x5

@ 80% of your 1 rep max or 10 pounds more than your last 5 rep DL workout

Warmup @ AfterWOD on the board

Sneak Peek for the week:
Tuesday:  push press, pushup & ring dip, fast and furious
Wednesday:  Recovery WOD
Thursday:  Overhead Squats & ?, heavy
Friday:  TBA

The CrossFit Games Open competition begins later this week, with the announcement of WOD 16.1 expected on Thursday at 8:00pm.  For the next five weeks, hundreds of thousands of CrossFitters will compete worldwide in the Open.  If you want to learn more about the Open and/or register to track your performance online, click here CrossFit Games Website

We will be performing the Open WOD each week on either the Saturday or Monday following the announcement.  We will also be running WOD heats on Saturdays starting at noon for anyone registered for the Open who needs their workout judged and for anyone else who wants to join them doing the workouts Rx'd.  For Open WOD 16.1, we will be doing that as the member WOD on Monday 2/29/16 during all morning, afternoon and evening sessions.

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