Wednesday, August 19, 2015

CrossFit Workout - Thursday 8/20/15

5 rounds, not for time, of

3-2-1 reps of

overhead squat
lateral jump over bar and back

Men start their first round at 75lbs, women at 55lb.  Increase weight each round, as long as you are able to maintain full depth and proper form on each OH squat. If not, stay at same weight for the remainder of your rounds.  If you are unable to perform the reps perfectly at the starting weights, your workout switches to front squats for all five rounds. If you are unable to perform front squats perfectly at the starting weight, your workout switches to goblet squats for all five rounds, and the coach will determine your weights for each round.

Warmup: 3 rounds of

300 meter row
10 shoulder rollout - pvc
10 OH squat - pac
10 back extensions
5 barbell OH squat 15-35-45  M&W

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