Monday, August 22, 2011

CrossFit Workout - Tuesday 08/24/11

One Mile Grace, for time...

run one mile
clean & jerk 30 reps

Men 135lb, women 95lb, scale as needed.  Power clean, full squat clean, press, push press, push jerk, power snatch, full squat snatch.....just get the bar from the ground to overhead 30 times as fast as possible after running one mile.

**This workout is one of our CrossFit Games Competition Training Team's new benchmarks. Sub 10 minutes is the first goal.  Who will be the first to get it?

Warmup:  CF Warmup x 3 rounds, 10 reps each - dead hang pullups.
Cool down: Trainer's choice


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Anonymous said...

Great workout and a great time put up by Troy. Our first sub 10 minute.