Sunday, January 8, 2017

CrossFit Workout - Monday 1/9/17

I'm Some squat therapy in the warmup, plus a new hip opener that you'll love.

Workout: for 13-18 minutes, following a 500M row sprint buy in
KB swings
KB bent over rows
KB goblet squat and 1/2
Row, on Concept2

Sneak Peek for the Week:
Tuesday: Skill/Strength:  Snatch
WOD:  Hanging Randy
Wednesday:  Strength, Heavy Deadlifts like last week's squats
Skill:  Barbell front rack stepping lunges, light today, heavy next week
Thursday:  Strength:  DB incline bench press, heavy
WOD:  Recovery, show up and see
Friday: D'Over/Makeup Day or Open Gym, more squat therapy

** Don't forget, we have our Annual Holiday and Member Appreciation Party this Saturday 1/14/17 from 2:00pm - 5:00pm at Bay Lanes.  Free for members and your families. Be there, it's a great way to meet everyone.

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