Wednesday, July 13, 2011

CrossFit Workout - Thursday 07/14/11

Day two of the Jillian/Josh Birthday Workout Combo

27 deadlifts @ 75% of your 1 rep max
54 burpees

Partition as follows: 3 deadlifts & 6 burpees, 9 rounds.  For time, while maintaining strict form on all deadlift reps.

Warmup: Row 1500 meters and warmup on medium weight deadlifts
Cool down:  run 2000 meters (North on Larchmont to Detroit, west and back South on Spring Garden back to Madison)

**** This week's Friday Super Sweet Outdoor Workout will be back at Lakewood Park at 6:00pm.  Everyone should meet at the volleyball courts and be prepared for Jillian to work our tail off. Lakewood Park in located on the north side of Lake Road at Belle.  It's huge, you can't miss it.


The Birthday Boy and his Deadlifting Posse! Note new trim.

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