Thursday, July 28, 2011

CrossFit Workout - Friday 07/29/11

at the beginning of each minute....

15 seconds of power cleans and rest 45 seconds
30 seconds of burpees and rest for 30 seconds

for 10 minutes, rest 2 minutes, repeat for 10 more minutes

Power cleans, 135lb men, 95lb women. Scale if needed, to your most recent Grace weight.

Record the number of reps for each of the 20 minutes.

****** Friday night's Super Sweet Outdoor Workout will be at our original location in the Metroparks, on Valley Parkway under the I-90 & Hilliard Road bridges.  That means there is plenty of rain cover, so show up at 6:00pm rain, sleet or shine!


RESULTS of the first "Uncle" WOD.  It's our new CF Cleveland Challenge.

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