Monday, July 6, 2009

CrossFit Workout - Tueday 07/07/09

10 rounds for time

20 box step ups & DB press - 30 lb DBs & 20" box
200M run

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This is a Partner Workout. You do the step-up presses while your partner runs the 200M, then switch it up. One partner rests if done with his/her work while the other partner finishes his/her task. get it? If you don't have a partner get it all done as fast as you can. Scale weight as necessary. The 200M is an all out sprint, not a jog.


Anonymous said...

Should the press be done at the top of the box while standing on one foot? Some You Tube videos show using one Db and stepping up with oposite leg. Others show pressing up, then stepping with weight at your side.

Bill Russell - Crossfit Cleveland said...

My preference is to hold the dumbbells in the rack position while stepping up on the box and fully extending the hip while on one leg, then pressing both DBs overhead with both feet on the box, next lower the DBs back to the rack position before stepping down from the box.

Anonymous said...

Did this wod solo with 15lbs.