Monday, July 13, 2009

Crossfit Workout - Monday 07/13/09

Today we start a new deal for a week. The workout will be posted each evening 'after' completion.


200M run
30 jumping pullups
200M run
30 squats

4 rounds, for time. Post time to Comments

Cool down, 30 seconds handstand holds and 7 knees to elbows, x 3


Wayne said...

Come on, How about if you give us a hint. something like 'might wanna bring your running shoes'.

Bill Russell - Crossfit Cleveland said...

Hey Wayne, you might want to bring your running shoes today, and your pushup shoes too!

Bryan said...

Just my .02 worth. I like seeing the workout ahead of times for reasons other than skipping difficult ones. Reconsider?

Bill Russell - Crossfit Cleveland said...

Tuesday WOD posted

Pete said...

Great meeting you all last night.

I look forward to working out with you guys.

Thank you for a great workout.


Anonymous said...

took this on on 11:11 and was definately smoked afterwards.