Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thursday 04/16/2009 W.O.D.

7 rounds:

65lb thruster x15
Jumping pullups x21


Anonymous said...

Sarge, Can you make me a WOD for THUR FRI and SAT, im limited with the hotel gym,,,only DB's up to 50lbs, chinup bar, treadmills, smithmachine and cable machine, your best friend joe
thanks BRO
and yea ill pay ya for your services

Anonymous said...

Since you aren't very experienced, I'll make some workouts and email them to you. In the future, please properly complete your ot cards, as I know that the captain has taught you better and would be disappointed. Sarge BRO

Sean said...

Thrusters with 40-lb. KB on PVC.


9 Muscle-ups (748/2009)