Friday, September 6, 2013

CrossFit Workout - Weekend Update

Weekend Update: Weather forecast - "Perfect"

Friday: NO Super Sweet WOD tonight, the next one is schedule for next Friday 9/13/13 at 6:00pm. Two of my former Hapkido training partners/instructors will be on hand to put you through an ass busting cardio/agility/foot work/speed WOD that will leave you on the floor dripping and totally gassed.

Saturday: Doors open at 8:00am, get here before 10:00amat the latest to start your warmup. 11:00am Basic Intro Workout as always, first three visits are free - great for new people to try a CrossFit workout.

Sunday: YES, Open Gym starting at 9:00am. Work on your weaknesses during the first hour and keep at it or do a make-up WOD during the 2nd hour. Lights out at 11:00am


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