Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wednesday 06/10/2009

1 minute work/1 minute rest, 15 minutes:

Clean and Jerk

Use moderate weight, as many reps as possible in the first minute, rest the second minute, amrap third minute, etc. Clean is from the floor each rep (power or full squat). Post total weight/reps for entire workout


Sean said...

37 Reps @ 135 lb.

9 Muscle-ups (1070/2009)

Sean said...

Also: Full squat cleans.

Anonymous said...

Took on
500m row
50 box jumps-20"
500m row
50 kbswings-36lb
500m row
50 deadlift-65lb
500m row
50 situps-abmat


My hips felt this one for sure