Tuesday, March 31, 2015

CrossFit Workout - Wednesday 4/1/15

I just saw tonight that our building owner made terrific progress cleaning out the new section of the building while we were gone last week, so we're going to start the painting project right away. One of you recently had the great idea of a 'Painting' WOD.  I estimated that it will take roughly 50-60 gallons of paint to finish off all of the cinder block walls on the inside. If everyone can help spread one gallon of paint each we'll be finished by the end of the day Wednesday and able to move all the black rubber floor mats over from Lakewood on Saturday, way ahead of schedule. Here's how it will go down:

For time, brush or roll 1 gallon of paint on the wall plus 60 burpees. Partition any way you choose.

* We will have an alternate WOD available for those who consider themselves 'paint challenged"

Please wear crappy workout clothes or coveralls that you don't mind getting paint splattered on.  We'll have those little blue shoe coverup thingies to keep your kicks clean.  We are only painting the wall up to 10 feet high so some people can stand on our tall boxes. We shouldn't need to use any ladders.  If you don't like heights, just paint the lower portion of the walls. If we finish the inside, we'll move the WOD outside to get the front section of the building painted red.  The forecast is good, cool but no rain in sight.

** If you have an 2-3" wide paint brush and/or a paint roller at your house, please bring it along so we have enough to go around. Thanks.

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