Thursday, February 13, 2014

CrossFit Workout - Friday 2/14/14

Deadlift, max reps in 60 seconds
max rep hand release pushups
rest 2 minutes

5 sets total, increase weight each set of deadlifts while maintaining perfect for on all reps. Reach weight in fifth set that is difficult to perform 8-10 reps in 60 seconds. Start first set with approximately 50% of 1RM.  We will advise you on weight increases each set. If you pause more than one second during the pushups the set ends.  

Metcon WOD: TBA

Warmup: Row, squats and light deadlift warmup sets

Weekend Update. Yes, there is a Friday Super Sweet Workout at 6:00pm today. Missy will be supplying complimentary post workout libation leftovers from her infusion party last weekend. Proper ID require ; >)

Saturday, business as usual. 

Sunday: Yes, Open Gym in the morning, door open at 9:00am, lights out at 11:00am. Come and work on your weaknesses or make up a wod from this past week. D'overs allowed. Members only, please.

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