Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday 8/30/07

Deck of Cards (back by popular demand! -Troy-)

Shuffle a standard deck of card and get ready to deal one card at a time.

Clubs = Clean and Jerk - med ball, dumbbells or bar
Diamonds = Med Ball toss or Wall Ball Shots
Hearts = Pushups
Spades = Overhead Squat - med ball, pvc or bar

Turn a card and perform that # of reps of the exercise for that suit. Continue turning cards, with no rest between exercises, until the deck is done. When a joker appears, do 10 burpees.

Scaling - Aces = 1 for beginners and 11 for experienced CrossFitters. Also, turn one or two cards face up slide them in the middle and/or 3/4 down in the deck. When these cards show, take a 30-60 second rest before continuing on.

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