Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Hola from Miami

Warm up: Shadow boxing - three 2 minute rounds, 30 seconds rest between rounds, add kicks and knee strikes in 3rd round

12 rounds of

10 pushups
40 yard sprint
1 minute rest

Before you start the warmup, step off 40 yards and place some sort of marker at each end point.

Start at one end of the 40 yard stretch you marked off. Drop and do 10 strict pushups, chest to deck, full range, then immediately bolt into a full, all out sprint for 40 yards. Rest/recover for one full minute. Drop and do 10 more strict pusups and sprint 40 yards back to the first marker and rest for a full minute. Repeat. 12 rounds total.

Sprint as fast as you can, don't just jog fast. Hard forward push off the landing foot, high knees, pumping arms, running like you are fleeing for your life. It's only 40 yards - give it everything you have!

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